Produced & Directed by Geoffrey C. DeVoe

Camera: Geoffrey C. DeVoe, Roger Germinder, Jaime Roy

Shot in West Paterson & Montclair, NJ

Written by: Robert James Pashman & Steve Carlo

From the 1993 cassette THE WORLD IN WHICH WE LIVE

This video actually won an AeRho national award for Geoff.  Being Broadcasting majors Geoff and I (RJP), this was one of the first things we did and it seemed to raise the bar with many of our fellow students as to the quality of the things we were doing there.  Of note: there is not one shot with all three members of the band.  We actually shot the indoor video or Robert James and Rob Durham at the Dumont TV Center at Montclair State University (then College) when our guitarist was Jeff Cascone who didn’t want to be in a video.  Shortly after Jeff’s parting with the band, Pat was in the TV studio shooting his parts separately.  We then shot outdoor stuff with RJ and PK together to create the illusion that we were all in one room at some point but never were!


Double Dealing (1991)