This was it.  The great big fat expensive
foray into cd packaging, mass producing and marketing.  It was the marketing that killed them!  Anyway, this is the best of a bunch of songs written by the band from 1992 to 1995.  It was finished in early 1995 but vocals to most of the songs had to be re-recorded because  George Dobbs was added to the band pushing back the cd’s release by many months.  They figured putting a world-class vocalist on the cd would be worth it and hearing it a decade later the band thinks it was the right decision.  “To my ears, the songs hold up well” recollects Robert James Pashman.  “There are some parts where I wish we would have done something differently but there are a bunch that have really aged well.”  The title track is a commentary on the sorts of people who show up on Jerry Springer-like shows and those of us who can’t stop watching them while “Locked Inside”s Ladyhawke-esque story-line tells of a love affair that can only take place in a man’s sleep.  Musically, the band straddles 70’s prog-rock, a 90’s grunge aesthetic and more “hooks” than a tackle box.  These three qualities mixed figured into                     ‘s sound possibly to their detriment but there was no way for them not to be themselves.  Some in the industry and around them commented and the band took it in stride.  These suggestions to simplify the sound a bit for their own sake evented in what would follow songwriting-wise: material that would be heard on stage but mostly never recorded.  That “post-human” material can be heard here.Videos.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2


original track listing from ’96

1. Human Interest Story

2. 13/Mistakes

3. Why Me?

4. Locked Inside

5. Be There

6. I

7. Bloodstream

8. Stardust

9. Falling Through The Cracks

10. Black Orchid

11. Ladder

12. Top Secret

13. More Than Anything

14. Your New Wave

15. We Must Wake Now

16. Fascist Christ

Produced and Engineered by Angelo Panetta, Robert James and Pat Kliesch

Mixed by Angelo Panetta

All songs written by 3RDegree

except 16 by Todd Rundgren

B/W photos by Geoffrey C. DeVoe

Photo by Neil Seiffer