The Reunion Concerts

April 20 & 21, 2007


Photos: Kira Smith



As a handful of our new songs are a bit on the delicate,

acoustic side and would possibly never work in the usual                           concert setting, I offered my living room (in transition and very empty) up to the band to capture a few of our songs in a beautiful setting and it didn’t hurt having my Steinway K-52 piano there for the ride!  My wife Tatiana really dressed up the place with lots of candles and curtain backdrops and it was beautifully lit by our good friend Kira Smith.  We did two sets in hopes of capturing (on video and multitrack audio) alternative versions of some of our more built up songs in a more dressed down manner.  We even did a slightly obscure Sarah McLachlan song!  In late ’06 when Pat told me he was planning to come back in the spring and with us being reformed and recording long distance I thought it would be great to signify that fact by playing live again and in two very different ways: the aforementioned acoustic fashion and...                                                                                                         RJP

I had been seeing my friend Tom Brislin’s band Spiraling play at NJProghouse to great applause and enthusiasm from the concertgoers at this great venue in Metuchen, NJ that it got me thinking.  I had just reformed                             as a recording outfit and thought “wow, if we ever play live again, how great would it be to play here-a place in our home state that I wish existed in the mid-nineties when we were dragging our band all around the NYC area trying to find the “right” audience who would inherently “understand” our music. In a great confluence of events I got to know Jon Yarger and then Jim Robinson, gave them our CD and lo and behold with about 6 months of lead time, were given a date to play at the Old Franklin Schoolhouse. Pat, our guitarist in L.A. booked a flight, we added a guitarist in one Eric Pseja, got together every Sunday for 3 months and bada-bing (NJ expression) we’re back on stage after a 10 year and 3 month absence!  This show was also the longest we’d ever played, enabling us to feature a great cross section of music from all of our albums and to debut lots of new songs.                                                                                                                  RJP

Photos: Kira Smith & Denise Bailie

Metuchen, NJ

DVD & CD of this event available:

  1. 1.Black Orchid (Human Interest Story

  2. 2.Home In The Clouds (previously unreleased)

  3. 3.Why Me (Human Interest Story)

  4. 4.Cautionary Tale (Narrow-Caster)

  5. 5.Elsewhere (Sarah Mclachlan cover)

  6. 6.A Work Of Art (previously unreleased)

  7. 7.A Man (previously unreleased)

  8. 8.The Art Of Being Alone (previously unreleased)

  9. 9.The World In Which We Lived (The World In Which We Live)

  10. 10. Stardust (Human Interest Story)

  11. 11. It Works (Narrow-Caster)

  12. 12. Doesn’t Quite Belong (previously unreleased)

  1. 13.Ladder (Human Interest Story)

  2. 14.Young Once (Narrow-Caster)

  3. 15.Scenery (Narrow-Caster)

  4. 16.Done It Again (previously unreleased)

  5. 17.I (Human Interest Story)

  6. 18.Human Interest Story (Human Interest Story)


  1. 1.Top Secret (Human Interest Story)

  2. 2.Ladder (Human Interest Story)

  3. 3.Free For All (Narrow-Caster)

  4. 4.Apophenia (Narrow-Caster)

  5. 5.Peel The Paint (Gentle Giant cover)

  6. 6.13 (Human Interest Story)

  7. 7.Dancing Over Scarlet Mist (The World In Which We Live)

  8. 8.Stardust (Human Interest Story)

  9. 9.It Works (Narrow-Caster)


  1. 10. Live With This Forever (Narrow-Caster)

  2. 11. Cautionary Tale (Narrow-Caster)

  3. 12. Home In The Clouds (previously unreleased)

  4. 13. Done It Again (previously unreleased)

  5. 14. Young Once (Narrow-Caster)

  6. 15. Scenery (Narrow-Caster)

  7. 16. I (Human Interest Story)

  8. 17. Human Interest Story (Human Interest Story)

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